Amsterdam based Karin Balog (mixed media with film, silkscreen, paper and photography.)


The field of rewriting geography is in my artistic focus.

The constant transformation of a habitat changed by the elements is giving me inspiration for a new poetical approach.

Most of my projects are related to an uprooted society or are dealing with different cultural identities.

Lines of communication ask questions about a sense of belonging or alienation in time- or space.

Arrival and departure and the territory of day and night play a key role in my projects.

Memories can be fixed in art work before alteration in time causes a new reality.

The film: 5 directions to my house was a testimony of this process. It was fun, but also hard to work with teenagers.

The film: Menti Minda Mothertongue is about insomnia worldwide  and about travelling in timezones.

The contrast of day and night, being asleep or awake, the real and the artificial, give a friction, which inspires me.

I mix disciplines like dance, graphics, soundscapes and language in a cross over way of working. 

I am triggered by Michal Rovner,  Christian Boltanski, Karen Knorr and love Nouvelle Vague cinema.