Amsterdam based Karin Balog (mixed media with film, silkscreen, paper and photography.)


Most of my projects are related with individuals in an uprooted society or are dealing with different cultural identities.

Arrival and departure play a key role in my projects. Lines of communication ask questions about

a sense of belonging or alienation in time- or space related subjects.

The film: 5 directions to my house was a testimony of this process. It was fun, but also hard to work with teenagers.

The film: Menti Minda Mothertongue is about insomnia, in a mix of dance, graphics and audio. I like to find a challenge

 in combining various materials and disciplines, in a cross over way of working.The contrast of day and night, being asleep

or awake, the real and the artificial, give a friction, which inspires me.

Some years I got totally absorbed by colours and some years I don't allow myself to work with any colours.

I am triggered by Mark Rothko, Karen Knorr, Meret Oppenheim, Irving Penn, Christian Boltanski and love Nouvelle Vague cinema.