film Karin Balog


Menti Minda Mothertongue shows the abstract struggle from individuals in transition. Insomnia in the city:
In the metropole of today, assimilation from the migrating individual is a way to survive in the habitat
of the mass, but to what extend?The dancer on the wordflow beat stands for thoughts
that carry on, nonstop, in your mothertongue in your head, although being in a new place.

Stockholm City Film Festival

Selected for Milan Gold Awards,  New York Movie Awards (Silver Award Experimental Film.)Global Independent Film Festival India (outstanding achievement award) / West Bengal Short Film Festival / Stockholm City Film Festival / Tagore International Film Festival (award winner) / DRUK International Film Festival Bhutan (award winner) / Gangtok International Film Festival (award winner) / Calcutta International Cult  Film Festival / Black Swan International Film Festival BSIFF(award winner),