Errata in Blue


This experimental film is about the longing for blue and the missing of water.

On this planet, the balance is off and we come across an extreme climate situation.
The overheated deserts and some cities wait for the blue from the rain and its blessing. Meanwhile other areas are flooded. The intense colors in the film articulate the contrast situation between hot and cold. The industrial music in the clip  articulates this offbeat chaos. The dancer stands for the humble human without resources, trying to balance in between those extremes.

Part of the film was playing in the desert of Santa Fe, as a group show together with Cecelia Chapman and Gaby Berglund Cardenas and was curated by Isolde Kille.

Errata in Blue was selected for the Golden Giraffe Film Festival in Nice in France 2023 as a launch, Rome 8 & Halfilmawards (Winner Experimental Film), India Jaisalmer International Film Festival (Award Experimental Film)New York Movie Awards(Gold Award experimental film) Naples Film Awards (Best European experimental film) and played in Sao Paulo at 3 rd International Eco Film Festival.