Delirium - Sailors and Daydreams


East meets West. Due to missing machine parts
two, very old, large ships stay in the harbor for months.
The crew, mainly from Malaysia, Russia and Myanmar
are without legal papers and unable to get off board
and in the city. They are puzzled for weeks, about
how long it will take and are even without a lot of supplies.
Only a ping pong table is present on board to kill the time.
Is it enough to drive you a little mad?
As time passes, their thoughts start drifting in uncertainty.
On a cloudy day, I made some portraits and asked to

write down their daydreams.
The project, the photos and the quotes were purchased
by the Maritime Museum of Amsterdam (Scheepvaart Museum)
Voices and pingpong sounds were recorded as well.
The ball flips back and forth, but is going nowhere
in endless repetition.